Dakishimetai (Movie)
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Does anyone know where I can watch the movie Dakishimetai (抱きしめたい)online??? the one with nishikido ryo.... i really wanna see it. thanks!

HSJ Concert DVDs...pls help!
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So I've been wondering which hey say jump DVDs are available online or in stores...
I've seen a few (only the old ones because I wanted to see Ryu perform)..I really enjoyed 2010 summary and 2010 ten jump concerts.
The two HSJ concert dvds I really wanna watch right now are:

1. Hey Say JUMP 2011 勇気100% Spring Concert (Yokohama)
2. Hey Say 7 MONKEY concert 2009

Thank you in advance :)

Happy birthday!
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龍太郎、誕生日おめでとう!!Everyone is wishing you a happy birthday on this special day :) look at the number of tweets you've gotten!! 龍太郎君の声を聞きたいし、ドヤ顔を見たい。。!(( 笑
whichever road you take, i'll always support you. もちろん hey say jump に戻って来て欲しいけど、それは龍の勝手だ。でも、何年たっても、ずーっと待ってます!色々これからも頑張ってください!応援してるからね★ (\^O^/)


Photo courtesy: @lnsul0509


Jdrama List!!
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Here are a few of my Japanese favorite dramas! The list is in order of love to like :)

1. 1 liter of tears (i've seen this at least 5 times...sobbed like a baby every time)
2. Seigi ni Mikata (comedy)
3. GTO 2012 (pretty funny)
4. Hanakimi 2007
5. Shiritsu Bakaleya (bunch of cute boys ahahaha)
6. Scrap Teacher
7. Boku no ita jikan
8. Sprout
9. Pin to Kona
10. Nagareboshi

Please recommend me some goof Japanese dramas!!! Thanks :)

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龍太郎おめでとう!Congrats on your college decision! I know it's been a tough road the past few years, but hey, you made it! Now I've finally come to accept the fact that you are not coming back to JUMP and that JUMP will be nine members... keep in mind though that JUMP will always be 10 deep down in my heart. I wish you all the very best at Tamagawa University:) Enjoy your new chapter in life! ずっと応援しているからね★


Ryu ?
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So i found a photo of Shin, Juri, and Taiga from Horikoshi's graduation on weibo.. (PC: @pploveyj). there's this one guy in the photo with a red&black scarf, but i can only see his back... i have a feeling it's ryu since i compared it to this one old photo with him with a black&grey scarf... i know it's different but the hairstyle kinda looks similar. there's no evidence so i really don't know if it's him...i don't know what's wrong with me...i just wanna know what he's up to though... tumblr_lzz34xdfDP1qjm3rgo1_500


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